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Kotia Skincare Range reviews

First impressions on the Kōtia range?

"The packaging. I love the packaging - it's clean, simple and very luxe. I also love that there are PUMPS. The biggest inconvenience in my routine comes from having to tip, dip and pour product into my hands or on a cotton pad. Personally, I feel that pumps are cleaner and less wasteful, it gives you the right amount of product and keeps your routine shorter."

One SKIN TRUTH you live by and would recommend.

"DRINK MORE WATER. This may sound generic, but it's something I live by and recommend to all of my clients. Water helps to hydrate the body from within and out - plump skin is hydrated skin. If your skin seems lifeless/dull, try incorporating more water into your day-to-day routine."

Skincare actives - are they important when it comes to efficacious skincare?

"Short answer: YES. Skincare actives are clinically formulated, tested and trialed to show results. Actives help to change skin. Vitamin A, B, C and E are great to look for in skincare to help boost luminosity, anti-aging and brighten the skin. These can be found in skincare actives like Kōtia's unique DMP-K7 peptide complex, which is proven to hydrate, reduce wrinkles and repair aged skin.

Also, investing in a GOOD day cream is critical to maintaining youthful skin. Kōtia's Hydrating Day Cream with added SPF 15+ makes the perfect candidate. SPF in Australia requires lengthy approval processes and testing. By having SPF 15+, you know it is of high quality and great for daily wear and the prevention of aging skin."

Oily, dry... What works for your skin type?

"I have oily, acne prone skin, so something I live by is knowing how to cleanse your makeup or daily pollution off properly. Double cleansing is something I highly recommend. Kōtia's Exfoliating Cleansing Milk is moisturising - this would be perfect for a first cleanse. Its creamy and hydrating texture will allow for makeup to melt off the face without stripping your skin. People often deter from using creamier, heavier cleansers as they fear having clogged pores and breakouts as a result. As someone that has quite oily skin, I look for cleansers with oils and moisturising benefits to balance out my natural oils. In turn, this keeps your skin hydrated, balanced and protected from dryness and inflammation.

After cleansing, try using a toner like Kōtia's Purifying Toner with cooling ingredients like Aloe Vera, Cucumber extract and DMP-K7 that helps to keep skin clean, balanced and happy."

We'd love to thank Ignatia for taking the time to uncover her skin truths and look forward to seeing her shine through our social platforms. If you were wanting to visit Ignatia Beauty, head to her Instagram @ignatia_beauty or her website: ignatiabeauty.com.au

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