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Kotia Story

Skincare’s latest secret is revealed.

Kōtia, the world’s first deer milk skincare was born – New Zealand's only skincare range made with 100% pure New Zealand Deer milk.

Working with New Zealand’s most respected skincare formulation technologist, kōtia’s founders set out to develop the world’s most powerful skincare range to capture the uniquely nourishing and protective properties of deer milk.

Kōtia’s range of products combine the goodness of natural deer milk – untouched by human hands – with scientifically researched active ingredients to nourish your precious skin.

Origin of our name

Kōtia is a combination of Maori words bringing together young women (kō) and deer (tia). We believe this respectfully pays homage to the brand’s New Zealand heritage.

An unexpected discovery on a remote New Zealand farm

In 2012, a group of entrepreneurial farmers from the Otago region of the South Island – who were in the process of trying to produce cheese from 100% pure New Zealand deer milk – made a promising and unexpected discovery.

On Clachanburn Station, near Ranfurly, a milk hand noticed that her weathered and work-worn skin had been transformed over the milking season. Her hands had become softer and less aged in appearance, while her nails had grown stronger and less prone to breakage.

*Agresearch, (2014), In-depth and production profiles of deer milk samples

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