Welfare is our priority

The farms where we source deer milk undertake a safe and regulated milking process. A hind (female Red Deer) will not deliver milk if stressed, so we monitor carefully to ensure each hind remains relaxed.


In addition

• Hinds are introduced to the milking sheds gradually before fawning so they are comfortable.

• Hind and fawn, are never separated during milking, and hinds produce far more milk than needed so there is always milk left over.

• Hinds and fawns are kept on the farm’s best paddocks with plenty of feed to ensure they’re healthy. Every fawn is weighed at about 4 months of age, to ensure they are well fed and nourished.

• Our milking process is quick, gentle and stress-free (average 90 seconds compared to 8 mins for a cow) with hinds responding better to female humans, so we use female milk hands when possible.

Kōtia is vehemently against testing on animals. Instead, all kōtia products have been patch tested and certified on human sample groups.

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We actively support Green Fleet

A percentage of our profits are donated to Green Fleet, a not-for-profit environmental organisation focused on protecting the climate by restoring native forests.


Ethical farming and practices to ensure milk quality

To ensure the highest standards of ingredients and animal care, we choose the farms we partner with very carefully. All farms supplying our deer milk must meet our strict policies on responsible farming and animal welfare, as well as the Ministry of Primary Industries’ stringent milk handling rules. Close relationships with deer farmers and milk hands, regular visits to farms and systematic review of milk test results ensure our farms follow the highest standards in the way farmers harvest milk and care for their deer. Our deer farms are independently audited around 3-4 times every year, and all records including animal welfare reports and vet visits are checked carefully.