July 13, 2023 2 min read

When we see skincare products stamped with the words ‘dermatologically tested’ it makes us, as consumers, feel a little more assured. Even though we may not have the slightest idea of what the term ACTUALLY means. Just like the familiar term ‘hypoallergenic’, products deemed as being ‘dermatologically tested’ is usually a step in the right direction when looking for safe skincare.

With that judgement in mind, let’s begin to discover what it means to be ‘dermatologically tested’.

The generally accepted meaning for ‘dermatologically tested’ under Brighton Dermatology, relates to the following claims:

  • That the product has been tested on human skin;
  • That the formula has been found to be mostly safe when applied to the skin;
  • That the finished product was well tolerated by persons who tested it on their skin, and in most cases, it did not cause skin reactions.

Although, it is worth acknowledging that these claims are not limited to criticism. When products are listed as being dermatologically tested, there is a general assumption that products are safe and suit all skin types. However, the testing conducted by scientists only measures a few variants, for example, the products are usually not tested based on how many times they’ve been applied; or if the skin will/can react under alternative, untested measures. Therefore, the claim of being ‘dermatologically tested’ can become ambiguous and misrepresentative of other possible testing precautions and unprecedented claims.

Fortunately enough, products in skincare ranges such as Kōtia which utilise unprecedented ingredients such as deer milk, undergo rigorous testing. This kind of testing requires more time and need for specific measurements in place. Measurements such as this help to ensure the products’ ingredients are not only safe, yet have great beneficial properties for the skin.

In conclusion, if you are someone that suffers from sensitive skin or are simply just picky when it comes to skincare, it is definitely worth checking if the skincare products have been dermatologically tested first. By doing so, it can ensure a list of scientific protocol and testing has been done, lessening the chance of skin irritation. It is also helpful to know the skincare actives and ingredients that you are fond of and have used before to make sure you’re making the right choice. A little research goes a long way when it comes to your skin health.

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